D.I.Y. Missoula: Breaking Even

D.I.Y. Missoula: Breaking Even

Michael Beall/ Montana Kaimin

ART and business come in infinite forms.

The two have continuously competed for attention. Art can be a famous mural; an album of music; or a pint of craft beer. A business can also be an art form that consists of one individual or a skyscraper with thousands of employees. Today, the Montana Kaimin will look at the do-it-yourself mentality as both an art and a livelihood in Missoula. We have a music scene distributing vinyl records and tapes. We have gardeners growing food, and brewers crafting beer. Some for no one but themselves with no expectation of making millions. People are naturally innovative, and we will continue making art and businesses in the hopes they will coexist in Missoula and

Wherever the next stages may go.


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